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The term Rasayana in Sanskrit means ‘Path or Provider of Essence’ and refers to the herbal elixirs held in highest esteem in Ayurvedic medicine echoing down through the ages.  Ashwagandha (Withania somnifera) is a key ingredient in many of these blends, and with good reason. Nourishing the crossroads of body & mind in a stunning variety of ways, what we find most applicable to our times are the anti-anxiety and neurogenerative (brain-boosting) aspects of this plant ally. Our daily comings & goings Andre often fraught with so many little stressors & anxieties that shift the nervous system into a low-grade yet constantly agitated state. This makes physical and mental  rejuvenation more elusive, and a cascade of inflammation & distorting effects on our sleep, digestion, and emotions only compounds. Luckily for us, herbs like ashwagandha are powerfully anti-inflammatory, uncluttering the body’s innate signalling and allowing for gradual, sustainable, long-term correction, connection and thriving! This is achieved through a natural reduction in stress chemistry (including cortisol) and an amplification of the work of GABA, a vital neurotransmitter that reduces neural atrophy and encourages plasticity and overall gut-brain health. 
Western science is already well-verses in the myriad benefits of daily meditation. As far as how regular use feels, think of Ashwagandha as your daily coach & guide in creating meditative clarity, a calm, wise voice that helps everything else fall into place. 

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