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Brahmi and it's sister herb Gotu Kola (centella asiatica) grows ubiquitously in wetland areas of southern Asia, and has woven its way into the medicine satchels and folklores of many cultures. Charmingly, its power to enrich the intellect and enhance memory has been conveyed through it’s acknowledgement as a favourite snack of elephants, who as we know, never forget! More authoritatively, it is spoken highly of in some of the most ancient and foundational texts in Ayurvedic medicine.


Uses: Long recognized anecdotally as a bolster to meditation, modern science is now beginning to corroborate this claim, as studies roll in confirming the neurotransmitter purifying action of regular use. Perhaps most vitally for our sometimes weary workaday world, gotu kola has been shown to combat the ills of something so many of us suffer from: improper or insufficient sleep. A 2016 study found that stress related anxiety, oxidative damage, and neuroinflammation (all things greatly amplified by a poor night’s sleep) were brought far more manageably under control with consistent use. Moreover, gotu kola has been shown to be powerfully adaptogenic, helping the nervous system to unclutter and bolster itself, and therefore be more resilient to the wear & tear of environmental stressors we all regularly encounter.

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