Almond Butter and   

Caramel Crunch

Raw Coconut
Milk Chocolate

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Ingredients List: *Raw Heirloom Cacao Paste, *Coconut Oil, *Maple Syrup, *Raw Almond Butter, *Coconut Milk Powder, * Raw Lucuma Powder, *Agave, *Raw Almonds,*Vanilla Essence, *Himalayan Sea Salt

*Organic Ingredient


All our chocolate bars are packaged in 

bio-degradable paper, compostable plant

based plastic. Our labels are made on paper

sourced from banana industry waste material.

45g bars made by hand in small batches 

in Canada. That's right, they are FRESH.

Because ours bars are made with raw organic maple syrup instead of sugar or preservatives, 

please store in fridge or freezer. Best enjoyed at room temperature for optimal texture and yums!

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