About our Products

Through a lot lovingly tinkering, ingesting and sourcing feedback from each other and our circle of friends here in British Columbia, we've selected and honed in on a group of plant allies that we know you'll cherish developing a daily interaction with.

While these Ayurvedic herbs are typically sold as powders or concentrates that require a bit of fuss to concoct with, the way in which we concentrate them into high quality MCT oil and bottle them - as a tincture would be - means you're getting all the fortifying benefit these amino acids and herbs offer in one lovely, portable package, there for you to call upon as needed throughout your day.

Our tinctures are made with MCT oil provided by one of the only organic and non-GMO MCT oil providers currently available. It is sourced from Coconut, not Palm oil. Our provider is partnered with Natural Habitats, who provides a supply-chain that is fully traceable. This means we source coconut oil from numerous small family farms, averaging 10 hectares (about 25 acres), interspersed throughout the regional forests in Ecuador. These subsistence farms were planted many years ago and are now being worked by second and third generation farming families.

We are dedicated to protecting the planet, and our people - with fair trade cacao, renewable and small farm coconut products, biodegradable packaging and labels made from post consumer banana industry waste. Trust we have done our due diligence to offer you the best and most conscious product we may currently offer. 

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While many brands use harsh chemicals and non-organic coconuts to create MCT oil, we work with a company that has crafted a patented USDA Certified Organic process to produce the world's first certified organic MCT Oil. We only offer the highest quality organic and non-GMO products to our customers, and are committed to supporting our coconut suppliers in following sustainable farming practices. Upon harvest, the creamy white meat of the coconut is scooped from the shell by hand, then cold-pressed to create the  Organic Virgin Coconut Oil. To create  Organic MCT Oil,  they slowly chill the virgin coconut oil to separate the solid fats, leaving MCT. 


Orange Bergamot
and Calendula Flower
Lucuma Caramel
and Course Sea Salt
Crystalized Ginger
and Chai Spices
Lavender and Coconut
Milk Chocolate
Hazelnut Butter and
Cacao Nib Crunch
Almond Butter Caramel
Crunch Milk Chocolate


Ashwaghanda MCT Oil
Tulsi MCT Oil
Brahmi MCT Oil