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About The Creators

Graham and Keia knew each other for many a year, through the communities of yoga (as fellow instructors) and transformational festival music (as joyful revellers), before (finally!) coming together both as a stellar husband and wife team, and as co-creators of this little sacred superfood endeavor you see before you.

Together they have a combined 20 years of experience in the world of teaching yoga, meditation, and somatic movement. They currently co-facilitate workshops and retreats on plant-based cooking and nutrition, organic gardening, establishing herbal relationships, and elevating how we show up in the world. They currently vend as Telluric Tonics seasonally at local farmers markets on the island. 


Graham is typically up and vibrant in the early hours of the morning, and can be found perhaps chanting on his meditation block, listening to the podcast soliloquies of luminaries like Erik Davis & Terence McKenna, or wandering through the British Columbia's vast landscapes, reading the trees.

Keia is, like most nocturnal animals of her ilk, most enlivened by the twilight. She can be found in these less populated hours designing nutritious things in the kitchen, frolicking in the garden, insightfully intuiting healing consultations for clients around the world, or fashioning strange & wonderful kitschy crafts.

The two of them share a tiny home on Vancouver Island, when not traveling and exploring the world.

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