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#1. Please remember that FREE WILL EXISTS. Your future is yours to make. A reading will give you access to your intuition and messages from your higher guides, but life is dependent on what you do with it. See your reading as deeper insight into the trajectory you are currently on. From this place of inner power and wisdom, you can discover how to make positive changes NOW so you can manifest your goals and your dreams in the future.

#2 I do not offer exact time lines, for the same reasons as mentioned above. I can advise you on when is a good time in the future to act, or to sit back and ride out the wave. These points in time are like pockets of potent energy that we can either harness, or avoid resisting and work with. There are no guarantees in life, but there is a very good chance a seed will bloom in spring, yes? Lets find when is the best time to plant those seeds for your dreams!

#3 If you are asking about another person, I will require their complete DOB (month/day/year) and name. Please understand - this is an autonomous person who makes their own choices in life. I do not have permission to look into their life in full detail without their consent. Questions like "When will the come back to me?" "When will they fall in love with me" etc., do not work. I can only advise you on what is within your realm of control - how you act in your own life, and how to respond to challenges. You drive the ship. If you love someone, let it be for real loves sake - not for the ideal of control.

#4. I will require your full name and complete DOB (Month/Day/Year) in advance. Make this the title of your e-mail request, and send it to Please feel free to write whatever background information you feel needs to be heard and understood for the reading to move forward.

#5. Once you have given background (if you wish), please create a summary statement that focuses on what YOU can do to create the future you hope for.

Example: No ❌ 

"Will my true love find me and sweep my off my feet next month"

Example: Yes ✅ 

"What can I do in my life to become the person ready for a committed, loving and fulfilling relationship?"

Example: No ❌ 

"What exact date will the contract for my new job that I haven't been accepted for yet begin"

Example: Yes ✅

"What do I need to aware of to bring the best possible outcome of my potential future career into being"

#6. If possible, it's very helpful to pose your questions as choice.

Should I do "this or that", should I pursue "them or them". Give yourself power over your life, and let me guide you in making the best choice. This is one of the most powerful and effective ways to use a tarot reading, and although it's not always applicable, I encourage you to find ways to bring your questions back to your free will.

#7. The day of your reading, please drink plenty of water. If there is space to do so, find some time to meditate on being open and receptive on what needs to be known, or go for a walk in nature. The more you can get out of your head, and into your heart, the better! This mean showing up in a compassionate and receptive manor, and making room for your reading rather than rushing.

#8. I have a 0% tolerance policy for abuse. Anger is an okay emotion to express and it has permission to be witnessed, but abusive language or energy will issue in a cancellation of service, presently and future onwards.

#9. I am not a magic 8-ball. Please understand I do no sugar coat what I read to make you comfortable. If you hear what you do not want to hear, I apologize that it's a let down, and will do my best to practice compassion in how I communicate - and also - that is life. It is not perfect. If you'd like to be told exactly what you want to hear, crack a fortune cookie.

#10. I do not give specific financial, legal, medical, or any other advice that I am not professionally qualified to do so. This includes pregnancy, children, and the deceased.

By reading and agreeing to the above statement, you hereby give The Telluric Oracle permission to read your tarot cards and/or numerology for you, in compassion and love, for your highest well being, and that of the planet. **So mote it be**

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